What is Raízs?
Raízs is an e-commerce of organic products based in São Paulo. They connect the best small local producers with big city consumers, delivering fresh products to their doors. Users can buy one-off or subscribe different carts by choosing frequency and others products types among vegetables, fruits and other grocery itens (like milk, yogurts, breads, nuts, juices and deserves).
The Problem
The subscriptions are very important for Raízs incomes and they were not only decreasing but also reducing the average ticket. From April 2022 to 2023, revenue from monthly subscriptions fell more than 28%.
From active subscriptions in 2023, 70% of subscribers never moved theirs carts, added or removed products.
The overall goal of the project was to identify why these problems were happening and propose solutions, not only to avoid canceling subscriptions, but to increase them and make them more profitable.
I started this project by learning more about Raízs' target market, the public's main desires and understanding whether e-commerce meets consumer demands.

I also built, together with the team, a board of certainties, assumptions and doubts, so that everyone was aware of the available information. This helped to connect dots, organize information and, most importantly, give direction for this initial moment when everything seems disconnected.
I've put together some basic problem statements to better understand why people were unsubscribing. The main complaints were:
• Receiving damaged products caused by transport: vegetables and fruits are very fragile and very perishable;

• Payment and signature issues: caused by the difficulty in managing the profile on the website;

• Dissatisfaction with the lack of products or excess of others: fruits and vegetable are seasonal and sometimes they aren’t available at the week of deliver, so Raízs sends different products to replace or more of the same type3e;

• At general, customers don’t like not having total control over what they receive. 

Certainties, Assumptions and Doubts Board

Retain subscribers and make them buy more recurring products, specially from grocery store, which products are more expensive and increase the average ticket.
1- Customer LTV (Lifetime Value): for how long and how much average revenue the consumer will generate;
2- Increase subscription’s average ticket;
3- Reduce unsubscribes;
4- Increase conversion and total revenue.
Discovery Process
• I spent more time analyzing the customer reviews, clustering the main pain points in Notion and discovering what motivated people to unsubscribe or what difficulties they had in changing or making new ones. 

• Me and the client’s team investigated Hotjar records to track user chooses, where it had more clicks or even places that they ignore. What was the difficulties about manage the profile session or find grocery products.
• I also created a flow chart detailing the process of purchasing, changing or adding subscriptions and mapped user feelings at each stage. This helped the team get a better idea of how to improve the existing processes and establishing some assumptions for the design.
• There was a desk research about what is the organic products trends and the principal motivations to consume it.
• I made a benchmark analysis to learn the best practices in market about subscriptions and how other companies motivates their consumers to do it.
• The heuristic evaluation was useful for identifying usability issues without having to test with participants. 

Notion's organization of comments by grade and motivation

Organizing comments by clusters at FigJam

Pain Points:
• Items repeated frequently (lack of variety).
• Receive items that were on the user's restriction.
• Transport caused damage to the products.
• Products that are either very green or overripe, even rotten.
• Discrepancy in payment (charged missing items for example).
• The customer didn't know how to change items in the subscription or even change his credit card, so he had to cancel.
What is value:
(things that are important to consumers and what Raízs do it well to improve the communication and the value perception).
• Food freshness.
• Punctuality in delivery. 
• Ease of contacting customer service.
Subscriber user flow
Subscriber user flow
Trend analysis
Trend analysis
Define Process
• After presenting all this material, me and the the client wrote about insights and conclusions and also pointed some opportunities.
• We put all together on a prioritization matrix to understand which was the ideas we had to do in that moment and what aggregate value to users. It is importante to mention that the Dev team was participating to help bring ideas and tell me more about the technical viability.
• We kept on mind: how to get subscriber users to buy more items and increase the average ticket for recurring orders? How to retain them? What can we do to make signing up attractive and essential?

Prioritization Matrix

Experience 1:  Home
• CTA button "Subscribe" more highlighted and fixed the header.
• Changed the product category, placing it in the first fold of the website and before the product showcase, so users know that Raízs offers more than fruits and vegetables.



Experience 2:  Profile Page

• Made subscriptions easer to view. Users can make various recurring carts, with different products and frequency.
• CTA Button “Create new recurring cart” and promotional sentence below: "Get 15% off each new recurring cart. Add the NEWCART coupon".

Before - all subscriptions were together in one page

After - better visual organization with subscriptions separated by cards

Experience 3: Existing Subscription 
• Better visual organization.
• Tips to help user understand how it works.
• "Add new products” button and promotional sentence below: "Add 2 or more grocery products to your cart and get free shipping over R$200".
• Grocery store component as a suggestion.



Experience 4:  new subscription
• “Choose more products” button more highlighted.
• Easer to choose the frequency (weekly or biweekly).
Suggestion of marketing pieces to increase traffic to the e-commerce

Email marketing explained how the subscription works and the benefits

Whatsapp marketing piece

• The average subscription ticket went from R$98 to R$106 in around 3 months and it is still increasing.
• In 6 months the subscription numbers increased almost 50% with UX/UI improvements and marketing campaigns.
• Number of complaints about subscription doubts and payment difficulties decreased.
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